CreateAbility offers participants access to many different art forms. Our program encourages innovation, creative thinking and self-advocacy skills and provides a sense of accomplishment to both individuals with disabilities and peer volunteers. We believe that art, dance, music, fashion, and theater inspire us, and are a cornerstone of a healthy, inclusive community.

IC offers many ways to explore the arts and individual creativity!

            • Weekly Acting Classes with a focus on communication and expressing emotions
            • Theater – in partnership with Martin City Melodrama, an annual production held at Crown Center
            • Dance Class includes hip hop, jazz, tap and swing
            • Music – participants love music and have opportunities to express themselves through music classes, karaoke, and open mic nights with local high school teens
            • Art Class explores many mediums including drawing, painting, ceramics, and mosaics
            • Community participation through visits to local theaters including Starlight Theatre
            • Gala FashionAbility – annual fashion show where individuals with disabilities and peers walk the runway