CreateAbility offers students access to many different art forms. Our program encourages innovation, creative thinking and self-advocacy skills, and provides a sense of accomplishment. Using problem-solving and fine motor skills are just part of our successful arts program. Students learn better communication skills and self-esteem is improved. We believe that art, dance, music, fashion, and theater inspire us, and are a cornerstone of a healthy, inclusive community.

Some of our CreateAbility students have shown special talents and are currently creating and selling their own artwork. Entrepreneurship is an important trend in paid work for individuals with developmental disabilities and Inclusion Connections loves guiding and nurturing our students’ creativity. Being able to express themselves through their work can be a very positive experience which can, in turn, favorably impact others’ perceptions of their abilities.

IC offers many ways to explore the arts and individual creativity!

  • Acting and Theater Classes with a focus on communication and expressing emotions
  • Music – our students love music and have opportunities to express themselves through music classes, karaoke, and open mic nights
  • Dance Classes include a variety of genres, partnering with New Wave Dance Studio
  • Art Classes explore many mediums including drawing, painting, ceramics, and sewing/embroidery helping to launch a few budding arts
  • Community participation through visits to Starlight Theatre and our own live theater productions