Community Connections

Community Connections offers impressive array of year-round educational  programs designed for individuals with disabilities. Programs build self-confidence and improve overall well-being, leading to meaningful employment and greater independence.

Job readiness classes, PawsAbilities skills training and placement in community-based jobs, ongoing support for jobholders including job coaching and transportation 

Supported Living

There is not just a housing gap, but a legitimate housing crisis  facing individuals with developmental disabilities.  Join our efforts to address this need.

Cooking and nutrition classes, along with opportunities for individual and team fitness, and building relationships, all essential for well-being and mental health

Art, music, theater, and dance classes offer opportunities to explore creativity, improve communication skills and build confidence

Fulfills a need during summer, winter and spring breaks providing education, community activities, arts, and social opportunities

Workshops for families and community members addressing barriers, providing education and identifying resources 

Additional Resources