At Inclusion Connections, we are transforming our community one person, one business at a time through advocacy, education, and conversation. We are focused on bringing to light the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, and working together to improve their lives. Using a model of peer mentorship, we are training the young people of our community to advocate for and serve those in need. As our clients and peers form real friendships, our community will become more inclusive and disability-friendly. Inclusion Connections’ vision is to bring real and lasting change in the hearts and minds of our community.

Inclusive Community


  • Peer Mentorship/Leadership Model: by including youth with and without disabilities in all our activities, and by offering comprehensive training to all our volunteers, we are molding our future community leaders to be advocates for those in need.

  • Promoting Community Involvement:  as we interface with local businesses, organizations, leaders and community members, we are actively working to transform our community into one which actively embraces its citizens with developmental disabilities. 

  • Innovation and Inclusion:  we are determined to be on the forefront of the movement to improve the lives of those with developmental disabilities. We will offer programming that enriches the lives of our clients and peer mentors, always looking for ways to ensure the best possible outcomes.

  • A Bright Future on the Horizon: as our community truly becomes more inclusive, we envision employers who welcome individuals with intellectual disabilities into their workplaces, and more options for independent living are created as well, allowing our clients to reach their full potential.