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Individuals with disabilities are living longer than ever before but they still lag significantly in overall health and access to programs as compared with their nondisabled peers. There are many contributing factors to poor health including lack of knowledge, a more sedentary lifestyle, and inability to drive. We know that exercise plays an important role in mental health and can help reverse negative outcomes by reducing anxiety and depression. Some of the positive benefits of being active include raised self-esteem as well as improved cognitive function. Healthy bodies and minds are also a critical component of successful employment. 


Inclusion Connections offers many opportunities to get active and improve overall health. The IC Taekwondo and Speed Stacking teams participate successfully in local and national tournaments, and even qualified for the Junior Olympics! Utilizing our commercial kitchen students learn about nutrition and preparing healthy foods. Fitness classes like Zumba and our partnership with Lifestyle Fitness helps provides access to supervised workouts and the latest equipment. Customized plans are created to help students reach personal nutrition and fitness goals.