Who We Serve

Our students are individuals with mild developmental and intellectual disabilities between the ages of 8 and 40 who are working towards obtaining community-based employment and living independently with minimal supports. 

Criteria for Application

In order to facilitate the goal of Inclusion Connections to help individuals with mild developmental and intellectual disability obtain community based employment and independent living, Inclusion Connections requires all students meet the following criteria:

·       Must actively choose to be engaged in the class subject matter and able to participate independently with minimal supports

·       Need to be easily redirected and show respect for class teachers, supervisors and other students

·       Demonstrate the ability to accept and follow reasonable rules and expectations

·       Not physical or verbally aggressive

·       Free from sexual aggression or sexually inappropriate behavior

·       Able to maintain personal self-care and hygiene independently

·       Demonstrates appropriate communication skills, either through language or a communication device

Inclusion Connections provides a variety of programming in various settings with minimal staff that are not designed for a one-on-one staff/volunteer to student ratio. Applicants who do not meet the participant criteria will be denied. If an application is accepted and it is later determined that the applicant does not meet the criteria then that applicant will be prohibited from participation in Inclusion Connections programming. Inclusion Connections will strive to make reasonable accommodations whenever possible.

Acceptance into the PawsAbilities Employment Program is offered to young adults ages 18+ who are interested in skills training and community-based employment. 

If you have any questions about Inclusion Connections or PawsAbilities, feel free to contact us at